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 Why we love what we do

Disc Golf is a great sport that we all love. It's more popular than ever and is growing by leaps and bounds. How great is that?


I invented DGMagnetics to help Clubs and Tournament Directors grow the sport by providing a product to help you present your courses in an even more professional manner and giving you an opportunity to make more money while you do it.

How?... by creating a place to sell sponsorships that has never existed before! On the Basket!


Think about it... where is everyone focused as the leaders come in to finish thier round?... On the basket... and right there is your sponsors name front and center! It's the biggest no-brainer ever! Now you can sell your holes end-to-end, tee-to-target! We've been out to some big tournaments and the response from tournament staff, sponsors, players, and spectators has been amazing!


The number plates are another big help for TDs and Clubs. Why? You can re-number your course in minutes. The magnetic number plates go on in seconds! no more moving baskets, or paper plates and sharpies! 


We are a small company hoping to make a buck helping you make a couple. We hope you'll give our stuff a try. We appreciate the business.  


Thank you!

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